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We understand our Industrial Clients are always really busy with the ‘day job’.  Whether you are on site working, traveling to a customer or catching up on paperwork in the office we are just a call away.  Arena HR works closely with a wide variety of different industrial service provides so we know how difficult it can be for you to get all your HR done.

We will take the pain away for you, ensuring you are compliant, helping with your recruitment requirements and when needed we will take the stress away  when you have a tricky employment relationship difficulty.  Employment Law is in place to help protect employees from bad managers but when you are one of the worlds good guys you can easily be overcome with all the rules and procedures that must be followed to keep you out of an employment tribunal.  We will take this hassle from you.

ICT & Future Technologies

Within a short period of our existence we found our self winning the pitch to become the Preferred Supplier of HR Services to the UKs Largest ICT Buying Group – Network Group.  Our first ever client was an multi award winning ICT Company.  We really get you guys.  And we completely understand your workforce.  We can deal with all your HR issues after one phone call.  We are currently working with ICT businesses all over the UK – provided face to face support and remote services.

We will take the pain away from you, allowing you to spend more time getting on with the ‘day job’.  We can ensure you are compliant with Employment Law, help with any recruitment requirements or when the need arises we can help deal with any problems that arise time to time when people are working closely together.  Ensuring everyone has the same expectations and understands their expectations will help build your positive working environment.


When you are busy running your business, you have lots to do gaining sales, marketing products, invoicing, chasing payments, networking etc etc etcthe last thing probably on your mind is the latest change in employment law and have you found the time to manage that conflict or that employee who is underperforming. That’s where we come in. We will take all the HR hassle away.

Our clients getto a point in their growth journey when ‘people management’ becomes another activity in their never ending priority list. We will create a personalised service for you, ensuringyou get to keep all the tasks you want to do and we do the rest. We will also ensure you are fully compliant and keep up to date with ongoing employment law changes and best practice updates.

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When you become one of our clients, you are joining a movement based on Integrity & Professionalism, entering a circle of Trust. We will never discuss our client’s issues with anyone else. We are governed by our own Core Values and High Standards but are also Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. You need to feel that we are a good fit for your business so reach out and we can organise a free consultation. Professionalism, Integrity & Trust are at the heart of building positive relationships. We would love to work with you so please drop us a note, give us a call and lets grab a coffee. We are here to support and enhance positive working environments through the movement of #doingHRright

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