We know it’s hard to get it right all the time.  Sometimes situations arise, which you need additional support to resolve.  We have a long successful track record when it comes to employment relations.  If you are faced with a breakdown in a working relationship, a grievance submission or have been presented with a problem that requires employment law advice just give us a call.

We will meet with you to extract the foundations of the problem, meet with the employees (if required) and work with your business to find an agreeable solution.


Recruitment – We can take the hassle away from you when it comes to finding the right person for your vacancies.  We will help identify what you are looking for, what the ideal employee has in terms of skills, attitude, qualifications and experience.  We can offer you a basic recruitment package of simply advertising a vacancy to the full premium offering of creating your advert, posting on a variety of platforms, shortlisting applicants, carrying out interviews and assessment centres to make the offer of employment.  We are happy to create a fully bespoke package for you.

Workforce Redesign

Working in conjunction with your senior team, we will help you redesign your workforce.  This can involve a change in organisational structure, working patterns, job descriptions or even simply updating contracts of employment and ensuring you are fully compliant when it comes to employment law requirements.

Many organisations find themselves in the position where the way they have been structured for years has allowed them to reach a point of significant growth however they now feel they need to adapt and change to meet their new demands.  This is where we can really enhance your working environments.  We identify where your main issues are and make recommendations and suggestions to smooth the transition from smaller business to high growth – this is the game changer from many businesses.  Clarity in job roles and future direction is often what is required.

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Joining the #doingHRright movement

When you become one of our clients, you are joining a movement based on Integrity & Professionalism, entering a circle of Trust. We will never discuss our client’s issues with anyone else. We are governed by our own Core Values and High Standards but are also Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. You need to feel that we are a good fit for your business so reach out and we can organise a free consultation. Professionalism, Integrity & Trust are at the heart of building positive relationships. We would love to work with you so please drop us a note, give us a call and lets grab a coffee. We are here to support and enhance positive working environments through the movement of #doingHRright

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