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Arena HR is the Go to Place for Micro businesses, SMEs and Scale Up Companies who are looking for a commercially- driven, proactive and business focused HR support service.

Whether you are dealing with a ‘tricky’ staffing issue, recruiting your latest employee or looking to restructure your business – we are here to help you; providing clarity, ensuring compliance and directing focus for your specific industry.

All ready got Internal HR?

We work with businesses who have an internal HR department but feel they need additional support.  Using an Outsourced provider to bolster your internal processes allows your teams to concentrate on what they do best.  We pick up the additional workload and work as an integral partner on all things HR.  Working together we create a priority plan which may include managing a culture change project, implementing staff surveys, running health and wellbeing strategies, hosting recruitment campaigns, delivering HR workshops, creating leadership and development training plans and handling performance improvement activities.

No HR?

If you don’t have an internal HR department we can do everything an internal team would do for you.  Somebody will be responsible for HR within your business, but they may not be fully qualified.  We will efficiently take care of all the usual day to day tasks from onboarding, induction and compliance to larger scale projects.  We work closely with your senior management team and the business owner to ensure we are enhancing and supporting a positive working environment.  Understanding your industry ensures we deliver an HR Service which is valued aligned to your core standards and business requirements.

When a business does their HR right; their staff feel valued and appreciated which in turn increases productivity and improves performance.


There are several things you must consider when hiring a new employee, however the single most important thing is What do you want them to do?  Ensuring employee’s expectations are set prior to the employee starting is a basic activity that is often left until the induction or even a few weeks into the new employment journey.  Make a list of all the tasks and activities that they will be doing, then consider what the ideal candidate would need to have in terms of skill set to fulfil this role.  Completing a job profile is vital.  We can help you pull this together.  Just don’t bring out the old job description that no one has seen since the last time you recruited for that role.

Previously, you had 8 weeks from the first day of employment to provide your employee with a contract of employment, however we are seeing a move to provide this on day one. To ensure expectations are set early, we would recommend providing a contract of employment to your new employee, prior to starting their new role with your business.

Working our annual leave is one of those age-old questions that HR practitioners are continually asked. Our standard answer is, well that depends! It is easy to work out annual leave for an employee who works full time, it is simply 5.6 weeks per year. 5.6 weeks of the normal working week – normally 28 days. This can include public holidays or if you have given them more in their contract of employment, it can be more. Easy right? The tricky part is when your employee works part time. Again it is easy if they work the same hours each day, each week. For example, 3 days a week. Then you would calculate 5.6 weeks x 3 days a week which would equate to 16.8 days. Remember 0.8 days isn’t 8 hours.

Its 0.8 of the average day, for example if 7 hours was the average number of hours then 0.8 days would mean 5 hours and 36 minutes. If your employee works different hours each day then its best to calculate annual leave in hours. Give us a shout and we can help you work that one out.

Lunch breaks are another area where we are continually asked for clarification. The first thing to do is check out the employee’s contract of employment. It may say more than the statutory minimum. If so, make sure you are applying their contractual entitlement. If you are using statutory guidelines, then it is pretty simple to remember. An employee is entitled to at least a 20-minute break if they work longer than 6 hours. Where you employ a worker, who is above school leaving age and under 18, they are entitled to a 30 minute rest break if they work longer than 4.5 hours.

There is more detail regarding specific professions and time between shifts and rest periods so please reach out if this affects you.


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Providing Clarity, Ensuring Compliance & Directing Focus for your Industry


Our clients have the luxury of signing up to their own bespoke & personalised Interactive Staff App or our generic one.  This App allows staff and managers to communicate virtually and share information with ease; at the touch of a button.  It provides a clear picture of all policies and procedures and dare we say it ‘How things are done around here’.  Yes, its viewing & learning Business Culture without even walking in the front door.

All information is accessed via an innovative App stored on a mobile phone device.  This is the ‘Next Big Thing’.



ICT & Future





We are a highly efficient and productive team with big plans which are filled with positive vibes.  Watch our video to get an idea of what our clients think and read our blurb on our team members.  We are here to suit your business requirements and will work closely with your own teams to tailor our services becoming naturally aligned.

Our clients are the best in the world; we are truly blessed and grateful to play a small part of their journeys #WeLoveOurClients

Laura Rennie – Founder & Managing Director
Laura is the heart of Arena HR and is affectionately known as Mrs HR. After many years of working in the corporate world she felt that there was a real demand for truly bespoke and human-centric HR Service.  From that moment Arena HR was born!  In 2016 she began the movement of #doingHRright which has grown year on year.

Jamie O’Dea – HR Executive
Jamie has over 10 years’ experience working in HR, gained from working in both the public and private sectors. She has extensive experience in employee relations, policies and procedures, recruitment and retention, workforce planning and succession.

Emma Ryan – Executive HR Assisstant
Emma is an experienced HR executive, with experience in the aviation, oil & gas, and retail sectors. Emma’s proactive approach has enabled important changes to be implemented within the clients she has worked with.

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Joining the #doingHRright movement

When you become one of our clients, you are joining a movement based on Integrity & Professionalism, entering a circle of Trust. We will never discuss our client’s issues with anyone else. We are governed by our own Core Values and High Standards but are also Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. You need to feel that we are a good fit for your business so reach out and we can organise a free consultation. Professionalism, Integrity & Trust are at the heart of building positive relationships. We would love to work with you so please drop us a note, give us a call and lets grab a coffee. We are here to support and enhance positive working environments through the movement of #doingHRright