What does 2017 Mean?

New Year, New Month, New Focus

Warm Welcome to 2017, and a cheery cheerio to 2016!

We are keen to enhance our relationships with all our clients.  2017 will see Arena HR take on some serious challenges as we continue to grow.

However, lets take a quick recap on the most recent decision to affect us.

Fresh from Friday’s verdict regarding City Sprint we are now asking all our clients to review those who are currently classed and treated as Self Employed.  The verdict on Friday sees Maggie Dewhurst as now being classed as a worker, receiving holiday pay and being entitled to the national minimum wage.

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain also have another few cases pending, due for verdicts in March and April 2017.

Clearly this is linked to the ruling in 2016, which saw two Uber drivers being defined as employees albeit Uber are appealing this verdict.

To be on the safe side we will be working with our clients to make sure they dont have any problems with the definitions of their workers.

Also, planned this year in the next Arena HR event which will be taking place in May – so far we have many speakers secured….all be revealed in time!


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