Fortify Your Workforce

It’s been a while since our last update.  In fact it’s been far too long!  We have had a whirl wind of a time – winning awards for Pitching, having the right GODO attitude and successfully hosting our first Autumn Attitude Experience.  This experience was such a success that Ohio based DisruptHR have asked us to host the first Scottish Event next year.

Last week we attended PCR Bootcamp Conference in Manchester, speaking to a wide range of PC Resellers both potential and current clients.  The session received great feedback so we decided to provide the content on our latest update.  So here it is….

Our Top 5 Tips on how to Fortify your Workforce:

  1. Understand what does FORTIFY mean?  When we examined the full meaning of fortify words like Defend, Protect, Shield and Strengthen came to mind.  If this is want you are wanting to do with your workforce then read on.
  2. Ensure Trustworthy Leadership is on display – you will lose your employee’s engagement if your leaders cant be trusted.  Where a line manager says one thing but does another you are the one who is losing out!  A vote of confidence goes a long way.
  3. Generate Meaningful Relationships – Similar to the above tip, you have to be genuine.  It is not a weakness to admit when you get things wrong.  It shows that you can be honest with your staff members….and yourself.
  4. Radiate Positivity: ABSOLUTELY no one wants to work with a misery guts.  If your staff members come into work feeling positive and happy and their line manager is negative – motivation is very quickly reduced!  We are not saying we are expecting happy clappy employers but show your real personality.
  5. Lastly and this is a TRICKY one: You should take cognisance that everyone comes to work for a different reason.  So find out what makes your staff tick?

People want to work for different reasons; be the type of employer who builds on each reason.


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