New Year New Year? Blah Blah Blah…..are you sick of hearing that yet?

How are you feeling now it’s ‘all over’? Have the January blues kicked in yet?  This is supposed to be the worse month of the calendar.  How depressing!

We don’t agree and here’s why…..

 1.    Early Spring Clean

This is a great time to have an old-fashioned tidy up!  If you are feeling low one of the best things to get your mood up is a good spring clean.  Your office and work space could maybe do with a spruce up!  Studies tell us that people are much happier after cleaning their working environment.  So, let’s get filing and get through that shredding pile!

2.    Perfect for Planning

We won’t be the first or last post you will read about planning.  But it is true, you’ve a whole year in front of you so get out the highlighters, the wall planner and diaries and get those goals set.  But go further, don’t just write those goals down – write down the actions that you need to take, weekly, daily to ensure when you review them they have been achieved!

3.    Review and Reflect

December is such a busy month to be able to sit down and reflect on last year’s achievements.  But January 2018 could be your review period.  What goals did you set last year?  How close are you getting to your dreams and aspirations?  What can you do now to ensure you don’t miss out on something amazing this year!!

4.   Rejuvenate

Are you feeling ready for the next chapter in your life and business? Did you manage to get a period of rest over the last few weeks or was that your busiest time?

If you don’t feel rejuvenated, then arrange some breaks.  You need to take care of yourself.  Organise a catch up with friends, family or other business associates and don’t talk ‘shop’.  Me time is just as important as work!!

Remember, whatever you are working on don’t forget to think about your staff and the potential impact any change will have.  Everything you do in your business feeds straight back into your Culture.  We are here to guide you through these tricky situations to ensure you don’t create problems in the process. 

So good luck, & here’s to a creatin’ a wonderful 2018!


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