A Christmas Conundrum

Christmas is often when we’re at our busiest – see if you can guess the latest client who came to us with a full-on festive furore, at his hectic HQ.

Let’s look at his concerns…

Sub-contracting, is that the answer?

This gentleman’s rushed off his feet – his global deliveries need to go without a hitch, or he’ll have some seriously disappointed customers on his hands. He’s been toying with the idea of outsourcing deliveries, but he’s got very specific requirements – time management, experience with animals and complete discretion, to name but a few.

Before making a decision, we advised him to look carefully at terms and conditions for potential subcontractors. What’s their track record with other customers? Our biggest concern – are they really sub contractors or seasonal workers? More discussion is required!

Absence at advent

This family business is super successful – everyone pulls together. His most trusted and reliable colleagues usually feel valued, but recently our client’s wife has been getting a little fed up. She’s also in charge of co-ordination of all those deliveries.

Things have started to fall apart at the office. When it got too much, this important lady started hitting the mulled wine and began calling in sick in the mornings. Oh dear. Our kind, but crazily busy client can’t manage without her, so we advised him to make an extra effort when creating his positive working environment.

It’s unusual for this enchanting lady to lose her Christmas cheer, so a supportive chat is definitely needed. No matter how many places he needs to be at Christmas, she needs to know he’s there for her too.

Naughty nonsense

Our client has huge numbers of folk working for him – they’re quick, sparky and efficient, and they can work wonders. However, as magical as they are, they’re a mischievous lot! They can be tempted by tasty treats and have been wreaking sugar-fuelled havoc. There are mistakes in assembly, packing, and worst of all shenanigans are at an all-time high.

Our client’s annoyed, but he’s like a father to these little workers and needs advice. We advised him that he needs to find out what’s going on, have an open and honest conversation with suspected culprits and make sure all options are covered before he considers disciplinary procedures. This isn’t like his workforce – what’s going on?

Temporary togetherness

Every year, our dashing business owner takes on workers to deal with demand. He asked us for some tips on how to successfully integrate them into his operations.

Making sure they’re welcomed and aligned with the business culture is the key. Even though they’re temporary, they need to get on well with colleagues and carry out their work with a positive attitude and plenty of the right kind of spirit.

We explained, it’s always good to bring in new talent to any business, and it’s important to get to know new employees and make sure they enjoy their work. They should be treated the same as their permanent colleagues, and made aware of opportunities to join the team for good. Remember, hire for attitude – skills can be taught!

Angels with alcohol

We all need to let our hair down occasionally and a Christmas party is a great way for a team to get together and have some fun – with bells on! They don’t come much more festive than our good-natured employer. He makes sure his employees have lots of fun, but as we’ve said, they can be a bit naughty at times!

He’s a little concerned that things don’t get out of hand this year, but doesn’t want to be a killjoy. We suggested a light-hearted communication reminding that he’s all for good cheer, but not to go over the top on the eggnog! This can be by email if that’s the normal communication channel; otherwise reinforcing his position through day-to-day chat will work too.

Any little disputes or grievances between staff need to be ironed out prior to anyone getting their hands on any Christmas punch – which might bring things to a head! A gentle reminder that mistletoe isn’t a green light for harassment is also a good idea, especially in the current climate!

So, who’s our concerned employer? We’ve left a MASSIVE HINT!

Even the most successful businesses need HR advice, but we prefer to work with you before you have any problems. If you need us, we’re here – and not just for Christmas!

Have a wonderful time and Merry Christmas from the team at Arena HR!


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