A Warm Welcome to the New Website


This is an exciting time for Arena HR – not only are we launching our new site but we are seeing unbelievable expansion in our client base. Having been part of the E-Spark Acceler8 programme for the past 3 months, Arena HR has gone from strength to strength. We’ve tripled our client base, represented Ayrshire in tough #GoDo Pitching competitions, been continually pushed out of our comfort zone and met some truly inspirational people along the way.

From a legislative point of view in the last month, the big change has been the introduction of the National Living Wage. While Arena HR is all for ‘Fair Day’s Pay for a Fair Day’s Work’ this change has brought some real challenges for our clients, and other SMEs.

Can we truly afford this increase?

What does it mean for supervisory roles? The differential rate is closing – will they take on the extra responsibility for a lesser gap?

I’m already paying this rate – how can I find another incentive?

We have seen in the news this month that one B&Q Manager has started an online petition detailing the changes B&Q are suggesting to off-set the new increase. The petition explains that “Big Businesses like B&Q are using the NLW as an excuse to cut overall pay and rewards for the people who need it the most”. That is so disappointing if this is true! For such a long time B&Q was held in such high regard for his innovative employment practices.

Only over time will we really know the impact this has had. In the meantime, keep finding other exciting ways to add value to your organisation. Look at things from a different angle to find where your business can be an employer of choice without breaking the bank.

Remember Arena HR is here to help you and make sure you are #doingHRright !

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